Book Proposal Project: Free To Be You and Me?Gender Affirmation and Health Care Systems in the United States and United Kingdom

As more individuals come to identify as transgender, many wealthy countries have seen a skyrocketing demand for gender affirming health care services such as hormone replacement therapy and surgeries that modify gender-associated physical characteristics. Free to Be You and Me? compares the narratives and transition trajectories of transgender adults in the United States and the United Kingdom, focusing on differences in the roles that individual and family finances, community resources, and health care policies play in shaping them. In the United States, health care is largely provided through a decentralized network of private sector practices and insurers. Gender affirming health care is often not covered by private insurers, meaning that transgender adults must often turn to personal and family finances or crowdfunding from friends and communities in order to cover transitioning associated health care costs.  The United Kingdom, on the other hand, features the largest single payer health care system in the world, with a specialized division of gender clinics that provide gender affirming care that is free at the point of service. Medicare For All is becoming a growing demand in the US, and the future of the UK’s National Health Service may become more uncertain in a post-Brexit UK. Free to Be You and Me? evaluates the relationship between health care policies, personal finances, gender norms, and the degrees to which transgender populations – a largely underserved group – have the freedom and flexibility to be themselves.

Published Research:

Lagos, Danya (2019). Hearing Gender: Voice-Based Gender Classification Processes and Transgender Health Inequality. American Sociological Review, 84(5), 801-827

Lagos, Danya. (2018). Looking at Population Health Beyond “Male” and “Female”: Implications of Transgender Identity and Gender Nonconformity for Population Health. Demography, 55(6), 2097-2117

Schilt, Kristen and Danya Lagos (2017). The Development of Transgender Studies in Sociology. Annual Review of Sociology, 43, 425-443

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